SPECIALITY – Plastic Surgeon

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Advance Expert, Advance Miomodulation Practitioner, Advance Scar Management, Plastic Surgery, Dermatological Surgery, Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Laser Treatment, Skin Care (See Below).


Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Dermal Fillers
Facial Rejuvenation
Minor Surgery
Scar Revision


Known by his Philosophy, Dr Tiago Guimaraes rules are very simple:

  • “Less is More!” – If a cream does the job why go for a Big Surgery?
  • “Natural Look!” – Needs to be Natural, needs to be an overall improvement not an alienization of who you are.
  • “No!” – Is a word that Mr T uses a lot… It’s imperative that patients do any intervention for the right reason, at the right time and for something that they really need.

Some people call him the Fillers Wizard, the Scar Magician and others Dr Cellulite.

Mr Tiago is an aesthetic plastic surgeon specialised in non-surgical interventions with the goal of simplifying Classic Cosmetic Surgeries in a less invasive or even non-surgical way.

Being trained in different fields of the Cosmetic Surgical World, from Congenital Reconstructive Surgery to Hair Transplant, from Toxins and Fillers to skin care, from Plastic Surgery to Lasers, etc. Mr T always continues to chase more training in different areas of the Medical Aesthetics and Beauty Industry, trying to have the widest holistic approach for Patient’s needs.

Being one of the Key Opinion Leaders on the United Kingdom and European Cosmetic Stage, he is in a constant pursuit of new Techniques and Machines, that need to be safe and to fit his High Standards, revolutionizing the optimization of certain, otherwise impossible results.

Having graduated from Porto University in 2006 with a Masters Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Mr Tiago gained Awards and International Fellowships in general surgery and plastic surgery (Egypt 2004) and congenital reconstruction (Japan 2005).

Mr Tiago began his training in plastic surgery in Portugal in 2008 and has extensive experience in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. He was the youngest trainee in an International Congress Committee (International Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Congress, Porto 2009).

He commenced surgical practice within the NHS in 2009 and has gained increasing surgical qualifications.

His biggest commitment is to keep being one of the beacons of the Non-Surgical World of Plastic Surgery, partnering with some of the largest Training Academies and Aesthetics Research Institutions Worldwide.

Mr Tiago believes that providing ethical, professional and sensitive advice and care can enhance the beauty that already exists in any person. He places emphasis on natural looking results and enhancing existing beauty.

“Enhancing the beauty within you.” – Mr Tiago’s moto




Dr Tiago Guimaraes MD

Member of IMCAS

Member of EBA and BBA

Associate member ISHRS.