Nurse Practitioner

Susan Ghosh is the founder of MyLook Aesthetics, which fuses Aesthetic Medicine with health, micro-nutritional therapy, nutrition, and personal development.

Susan completed her nursing studies and non-medical prescribing qualification at the University of Chester.
Following her time in the NHS, Susan naturally progressed into what she loved, the field of Aesthetics.
Susan has gained over 13 years experience in all areas of Aesthetic Medicine.

After working for many cosmetic companies for many years, in 2011 Susan went onto open MyLook Aesthetics, which are based throughout the North West with her largest clinic being in Oxton on the Wirral.
The clinic in Oxton is an intimate and exclusive practice, led by Susan Ghosh and Dr Arun Ghosh and her team of experts.

The practice specialises in the very latest and most effective facial aesthetics/rejuvenation, skin health and nutrition for men and women.

Over the years Susan has attended numerous courses and followed intensive training with some of the most highly trained specialists within Aesthetics, one being Dr Mauricio De Maia, known as the worlds number one plastic surgeon.

This has developed Susan to be a well known Aesthetic Practitioner in this ever growing field. Susan is renowned for her precision and aesthetic eye.

Susan works very closely with her husband Dr Arun Ghosh who also works in aesthetic medicine.

He has unique talent in functional medicine concentrating on health, nutrition, micro-nutrition, hormone therapy and providing world leading health advice to his patients, giving them radiance and glow from the inside out.

Susan’s experience and knowledge combined with Dr Ghosh’s world class expertise ensures  that you are in safe hands.