What is Microsclerotherapy?
Microsclerotherapy is a method used to treat thread / spider veins on the legs directly. Suitable for small to moderate size thread / spider veins.

How Does Microsclerotherapy Work?
A very fine needle is used to inject a non-toxic chemical (sclerosant) directly into the vein. This irritates the lining of the vein causing the walls to stick together and prevent blood flowing through the vessel. Over a period of time the blood vessel is gradually absorbed by the body and disappears.

What Can Be Treated With Microsclerotherapy?
Thread veins are small veins which have become visible through the skin. Approximately 40% of adults are troubled with varicose veins and thread veins so they are common and can be unsightly. They can cause aching, throbbing and tired legs, itch and ‘burning’ discomfort. In appearance they can vary from fine red marks to larger purple or deep blue veins. We understand that they can be caused through weight gain, heredity, pregnancy and hormonal factors or even caused by deeper varicose vein conditions.

What Results Can You Expect?
A series of treatments are usually required to achieve a cosmetic result. After 3 or 4 treatments an 80-90% improvement can be expected.

Treatment & Aftercare Information
Following treatment, the treated veins can appear worse for a number of weeks before disappearing. We advise to wear support hosiery and avoid long haul flights for a short time period after treatment.